LUX Graphene Ceramic Coating 9H+

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Introducing Ceramic 9H+ Apply easier, use longer and more effective.

A great long lasting product

Lux 9H+ Expert Information

Lux Graphene ceramic coating 9H+ is the best solution for installers who like to enjoy easier coating and see amazing results. Lux Graphene coating 9H+ is the product you need to minimize tools and time and the result will be perfect.
  • 10 μm Thickness

    By this fantastic product after coating a 10 μm thickness layer will protect your car. This most important issue is that this layer can not be detected.

  • No Preparation

    One of advantages of this product is that you don't need to coat with another product to prepare the surface. You just have to clean and dry your car or if you want you can polish to get the best result.

  • No Dryer needed

    After you finish the coating you can relax and just wait to dry this layer. There is no need to infra red (IR) tools

  • 1 Layer / 5 Years

    The most amazing feature of this product is 1 layer for 5 years use. If you coat more than 1 layer it would be longer durability.

  • Quick Dry

    Quick dry technology helps this great product to dry and be ready for use 2 times faster than other products on the market.

  • One Step Coating

    Easy and quick coating using 1 step coating technology, no preparation or stabilization.

  • Easy to Clean

    If after a long time you need to clean your car it would be very easy and there is no need to any products to clean or special care, you just need a towel to clean in some minutes, at this moment you will see cleaning your care is much easier than before.

  • Hydrophobic

    Lux Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+ is a very good Nano structured hydrophobic layer, this layer doesn’t let rain or water drops stay on the car easily, so the result will be having a car which doesn’t need to be clean because of sign of water drops on it.

  • It doesn't Let Get Dirty

    This product fills all smalls cracks to reduce adhesion of dirtiness; these two factors help to have a clean car for a longer time. Also whenever it gets dirty, it’s cleanable by a dry towel.

  • Wonderful Result

    If you apply the same as what has been written in the catalog, the result of Lux Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+ would be wonderful and you will enjoy seeing your car always is shiny and clean.

  • Save Time, Money and Energy

    By using Lux Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+, you will have shiner and cleaner car, your car will be clean for a longer time and can be clean much easier, also you don’t need to wash your car by water, only a dry towel is enough to clean your car, so you don’t need to carwash as much as before, you don’t need to use much water. It would be the cause of reducing time, money and energy to clean the car.

  • Always Looks Waxed

    You will be surprised after using Lux Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+, cause your car always is shiny and exactly looks like the car is wax, even at nights in low light you can see that your car is shiny.

  • Anti-UV

    UV ray is caused of discoloration and getting old, this Nano layer reduces most of UV ray, so all coated parts will stay at the same shape and color for a longer time.

  • Anti-Scratch

    This great product is anti-scratch against small scratches. You don’t need to worry about pebbles on the road.

  • Anti-Heat

    This great product is anti-scratch against small scratches. You don’t need to worry about pebbles on the road.

  • Always Shiny

    Shiny Lux Graphe Nano Wax after applying is exactly looking like when you used classic waxes, one of the advantages of this product is being always shiny and you don’t need to renew or wax it again, it would be shiny for long durability.

Technical Information

By study this table you can find all technical information you need, but if there is anything that is not here please don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to give more information about our products.
Durability5 Years (1 Layer)
HydrophobicYes - 120°
Anti-HeatYes-Up to 750°C (1382°F)
ShineHigh 3D Gloss
Hologram ReducingYes (Reducing Up to 90%)
Anti-ExcretionsYes (Acidic Excretions)
Anti-Chemical FluidsYes
Needless to Preparing CoatingYes
Needless to IRYes
Needless to Stabilizer CoatingYes
Amount of Use50 ml (cc) One Layer for a Large SUV
Suits forCar and Motorcyle Paint and External Plastic Parts
Best Time for Second Layer40 Minutes
Limitation of LayersUnlimited
Temperature Condition2-35° (36-95°F)
Shelf Life2 Years After Openning the Bottle
FluorineFluorine Free
Curing Time72 Hours
Revome During CoatingWater
Remove After CuringOnly Polishing
ResolventNo Resolvent
Keeping ConditionsKeep out of Sunlight


What Lux Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+ is?

What Lux Graphene nano Ceramic Coating 9H+ is Nanostructured liquid, after 72 hours of applying this liquid changes from liquid to a something like a very thin of glass layer on the coated surface, this magic layer will reduce hologram sign by sun up to %90, make it very shiny for years, your car would be hydrophobic, anti-small scratch, it won’t get dirty as much as before, it will get clean much easier than before, anti-UV, anti-discoloration, this layer can tolerate heat up to 750°C | 1382°F, it is possible to clean without water or with small amount of water.

How Does it Work?

After applying a very thin Nanostructure clear layer will be created on the coated surface, this layer reduces adhesion on the car surface, this advantage helps to keep your car shiny and clean for a longer time, also it helps to clean the car much easier than before, even without water, only by a dry towel.

How long does it last?

Lux Graphene Nano Ceramic Coating 9H+ can protect your car for 260 weeks (5 Years). For 5 years your car will be shiny like a waxed car, protected against UV and discolouration.

How Does It Look Like?

After applying this great Nano coating product, your car will be shinier than ever. This shin will take up to 5 years.

It Is Suitable for New and Old Cars?

Lux Graphene Nano ceramic is suitable for both new and old cars. If you apply it on a new car, your car will stay clean, shiny and protected for 5 years, if it is an old car, the color will be restored (we strongly suggest to polish professionally), always shiny, clean and more attractive than ever.

Is Guaranty Card Included?

We are sure about the quality of our product, so all Lux Graphene products come with a guaranty card that it’s registered able under the customer’s name and Rantiz guaranty’s quality and durability.